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Copyright © 2005- by Bear Bibeault
All rights reserved
BlackBox™ is a registered trademark of Parker Brothers Games

Welcome to BlackBox; the ultimate game of hide and seek

See the Colophon for a list of what's new in this version.

This implementation of BlackBox™ is an online, single-player implementation of the popular Parker Brothers game BlackBox™ board game. The purpose of the game is to use deductive reasoning to determine the location of 3 to 5 "balls" placed unseen within an 8-by-8 grid.

The player shoots virtual "rays" into the grid, and observes their behavior. Since the behavior of the rays when encountering the balls within the grid are based upon a deterministic set of simple rules, the player can use the behavior to deduce the location of the balls.

Descriptions of these ray behavior rules can be found by clicking on the Player's Guide link below, or from a similar link on the game board during play.

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